No Pants!

Note to all potential Jurors… must wear pants.

This morning I was summoned to do my civil duty and fry someone in criminal court but when I went through all the hoops (parking, entry lines, security, more lines, filling out forms) and presented my complete summons to the “Juror greeter” He shouted (I am not making this up) SHORTS!!!

I felt like I was the one on trial:

Attorney; “judge, this man is in shorts and should be sent to jail”

Judge; “I agree but he does have nice legs”

Actually what happened was that they sent me to the front counter and asked (again not making this up) “can you get pants in an hour”

After I said no, they rescheduled for me to return the next day but now that am a pro juror I have pants, no belt and a cheap watch.

Let you know what happens…

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