Happy New Year!

If this is the first time visiting this site; well let me take a moment to give you an overview.

The site is broken down into three parts;

1) Jav’s Blog (what you are reading); Here I just try and give you a feel for what we go through as Full time Real Estate agents. It’s all the crazy, funny, frustrating stuff that we have to deal with every day in this job.

I have been writing this for over 5 years and all, yes all of it is true…

2) MMC Recap; you’ll find this on the left of the home page and here I will deal with more statistical stuff; (even though I’m not a big stat guy), I’ll update the local markets and trends that I see coming.

Right now it’s about how a real estate ad evolves, 2012 predictions to follow (it will be very easy to predict)

3) Home Page Header; This will have several drop down menus that feature the steps involved in Buying, Selling and Leasing a home. You’ll also find search links and a list of vendors that could help you with your home.

I created the site about 6 years ago and it was the first to not ask for a sign in to look at properties, offer a list of vendors that you could shop at your convenience and I try not to be self promoting.

So enjoy, I have a lot of fun writing it and I hope you find it informative.


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