Donde Esta Casa’s?

Happy 2012!

Now get it in gear and list your home for Sale/Rent!


Several months ago I did a little blog post on Trulia about the shortage of listings in Coconut Grove and yesterday I was reminded of it.

Had a couple of repeat showings and one customer asked the magic questions”where are all the new listings?”

And I explained that we are back to the olden days of Real Estate where you sold for other reasons then profit (should have seen the “deer in the headlight” look I got)

We have taken for granted that selling real estate is not an everyday occurrence, it’s not a retail store where you continuously get new merchandise from China/India/Malaysia and Hialeah that’s ready to sell (or steal).

So Buyers, get ready for limited inventory and Seller’s, no prices will not go up 100% a month.

Now all we need is some Lender cojones and we’ll all be good.

Welcome back to normal…….how we missed you.

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