Happy Birthday to Me!

Finally hit the big 50 and this is what I got for it…..

After a very pleasant day of doing “Javi stuff”, I get a late call to do a quick showing and as an active full time agent, I do my best and schedule it.

I give the agent the whole story on the property prior to the showing; BTW it’s the same one that did not appraise.

Get to the home, open it up and once the agent gets there and without even her customers seeing it starts questioning the price (didn’t we have this conversation?) she go off that’s it’s overprice and that it needs work and that there are other homes in the hood that are better and all sorts of other crap…

Well dear agent, the property is listed at 429.0 and had a contract at 425.0 and with a lousy appraisal it came in at 405.0 which means it is not over priced.

Agent would not hear any of it and kept going on about another property that was updated and BLAH, BLAH, BALH….

Now a side note; I know that other property better than Ms. Know it all because it was my listing and I HAD SOLD IT TO THE CURRENT OWNER!

I pointed out some of the differences but Ms.Know it all would not have any of it.

So, why give me all this grief?

Just go and buy the damn better house will you; oh no you can’t cause it’s under contract (guess she did not know that) Ms Know it all.

Please retire, you just wasted 30 minutes of my life that I will never get back and on my birthday to boot.

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