Happy Daze!!!!!!!!!

We’re back, or so said the freaking idiot at Bank of America which stated the following a couple of days ago “your trying to steal that property, it’s worth 400k more than your offer”

Now said property is a lovely 3/3 with a den that needs and not in any particular order; a new roof, mold remediation, termite treatment and closing a pesky little (6ft ) opening that has caused the master bedrooms floor to become part of the garden….oh and the pool is a CSI moment waiting to happen….in short this place is F@#$ Up..

This property is not worth what the bank claims even if it was fixed up to the nines and smelling of fresh baked cookies (and not my Cookie).

I have a BOA rep sitting in a cushy office in BFE, looking at an appraisal from god knows when and telling me what a property that is located down the street from me is worth.

Well all I can tell you is that if you want to buy a home in South Grove get ready to pay 400 a ft……Oh and you better pay CASH, cause BOA will not finance it….

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