Run Javi, Run

Tip number 1, ono, one!!!!!!!!!!

RUN AWAY, get the hell out of dodge (Miami) for the summer………really I mean it.

Well by now you’ve read the reports about how nasty the Hurricane season is going to be and you may be wondering….what the hell has Jav done to bring this upon us?

Here goes;
In a moment when my manhood was questioned (and not in a good way), I manned up and took on the challenge of running 110 consecutive days with the world famous Raven.

For those who follow this blog (get help ASAP) you know that I ran 31 days straight in December to raise dough for Miami Children’s Hospital.

It was a great success and with your support we raised 2500.00 (again a heartfelt thanks)

Now the run is all about Raven and when I will fail to show up and not run.

The Run;
I start on June 30 and if all goes well finish on October 17; which just happens to be Ravens 60th birthday. That’s a 110 days, at 8 miles a day at 5:30 in the afternoon in the Summer heat.

“What a freaking idiot” you say……yup.

The Bet;
For every 10 bucks, you pick a day with in the time period and if I fail to make the run on that date, you win 2/3 of the total dough in the pot (the other 1/3 will support Raven)

You can pick any day and as many days as you wish EXCEPT day 110 (October 17) that day is exclusive to Raven as he will have put up with me for 110.

How to play;
Just pick a date (dates), send in a check (we’ll have a special account set up) and lets see what happens.

The Goal;
Couple of them;
First and foremost is my love of controlling the weather!
Second is the sense of accomplishment that goes with sweating my butt off in the summer.

Kidding aside, the real reason is to show someone who has selflessly given 35 years of dedication to an endeavour that he loves and invites ALL folks to run with him.

“Doing my bit, to keeping America fit”

Oh and as to Hurricane season; a lot that I write is in jest but really just prepare, stay aware of your surroundings and use common sense….it will all be OK.

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