Happy BDay Sheik….

The Sheik is a well kept dude that runs with Raven, it was his bday today and we have a wedding on Saturday, also a tattoo removal; to quote Crash Davis….”we have a lot of shit to deal with” on these runs.

Oh and yes I finished today so………..You all now owe me 24.5 miles.

I do want to thank those that have pledge some dough; even if it’s because you want to watch me to suffer out in the hot sun.

So I was thinking today (I do this every once in a while) as I was threatening an A/C vendor with ALL sorts of shit that I was going to rain down on him if he did not close a permit; how the hell did I get here? (well I drove, but)……

When did it become part of my job to close permits? (today)
When did it become part of my job to threaten Lenders for funding? (yesterday)
When did it become part of my job to FIND lenders to finish a deal? (tomorrow)

What happen to Bedrooms? Bath? Garage? Pool?

It’s not about that anymore (note to new agents); if you cannot resolve lending issues, you are toast.

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