I’m late………

Got to today’s run late (yes, I still work) and I paid for it.

Raven decided not to wait for me, doesn’t he know who I am?

Oh Yeah, why should he; he’s been running for 35 years (102,000 miles today, congrats!) and I have been running….ONE DAY.

So they took off and I had to make up about 5 minutes time and catch them; which your trusty neighborhood Realtor did.

What I forgot was that this was a new route and it took us up to 35th St where the sand is really mushy and soft and just a bitch to run in.

I taking two Tylenol tonight with my scotch, BUT you all owe me 16.4 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now why was I late?

Because I am still a Real Estate Agent by day and I was fighting with a freaking Lender who had not funded a deal in what felt like a freaking month and everyone was getting really “un thankful”.

I spent an hour and a half just looking at them and making them call everyone on the freaking Rolodex (do people still use Rolodex?) until we got the funding…………….and we did (so all good)

Now I should be getting a good nights rest….


Tomorrow I have to be at the County at 8am fighting with a freaking vendor who has not closed a permit since freaking 1993; what he did not have enough time?

This dude is causing all sorts of problems and he does not give a crap…..so I have decided that I am going to become is new BFF………NOT.

AND you wonder why I run!

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