How Many Days??????????????

No, it’s not how many days RAVEN has run in a row…..but pretty damn close.

Remember that I had an inspection today to close a permit?

Well apparently they have not had enough time to close this permit since they opened it in 1993′.
How long ago was this?

Click here to get a feel for how long this permit has been open.

Ok, so we reopen this permit and request an inspection and yes you guessed it the inspector does not show; why because what the hell let’s wait another @#$%^& day to close it.

It’s only been opened 6,000+ days…….why not wait the weekend and see if something is wrong with the A/C.

And you wonder why I run….

Yes, I finished and it’s 4 days straight and 32.5 miles….pay up.

BTW; tomorrow is a big day, we run a wedding!

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