GRESE Chapter 9

Happy New Year!!!

Funny story, It feels like this New Years was a bit off for folks. We were down on SoBe waiting to bring in the new year and the new year was late….It was like the fireworks Dude was having a drink or chatting up a hottie when all of a sudden some one scream ‘Hey it’s midnight, where’s the fireworks?” and Dude said “Damn, I forgot…must be Tuesday”.

New year, new chapter

Seeing as the Client had “representation” (and a boy toy), I decided to step aside and let things play out but something told me it would not be long before she came back to me.

See, I told you it would not be long…..

“Sorry for the surprise” she stammered “but It’s just that he looks like one of those guys from HGTV….and they know everything!”

HGTV, Zillow, Trulia…..there was a time way back when it was just a small office, a Real Estate shingle and the tax roll; none of these fancy interwebs with “estimates”, “birds eye view”, “maps” and “pictures”…nope back in the day you had to go look at the property, actually walk inside….ah the 80’s.

Sorry off topic, where was I?

Oh yeah Dame drops “Catch” because of good old days.

I laid down the law, “OK Kid your with me now so no more two timing got it?”

“Yes (maybe)”

I knew this Dame was trouble but I can’t resist trouble so..(I just killed a mosquito in my backyard and its f@#$%^& January)…I told her we had a new place to see.

She jumped at the chance “Perfect, I’m ready”

“So am I, (it’s part of my slogan) lets get to it”

We rolled up to a stunning Contemporary home in a great location, big lot, lots of light, really well thought out floor plan, kick ass spaces and the views? Killer, not another home in sight.

“But I like charming” she protested.

“Not to worry Kid, this home is only in my dreams”

“Oh, so this POS is not what we are going to look at (thank goodness)”

I took a good look around and said “This POS is perfect, just you wait”

Hands on hips “I’m waiting”…(just like a Dame)

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