GRESE Chapter 8

Happy Birthday to me…..(no tengo Abuelita)

Ok, So far GRESE has a Protagonist, a Babe and a Plot (sort of but not really) now we are missing the Antagonist….


I knew it was going too well with the Dame and I knew it was only a matter of time before this whole relationship went bad…..and then the “Catch”

The “Catch” was all “Miami D-A-L-E (who is Dale?), 305, Versace kit, smells of Tom Ford’ Craig’s list  Real Estate Agent.; Yup, a Real Poser with a fake name (passport expired) and limited skills BUT he looked good for the print ads, knew how to scam we played along.

Catch; “A pleasure to meet you, hope you are well , I trust?”

Me; “No, Yes and No”

Teeth bright, smile wide, he went on “So my client mentioned that you were kind enough to show her a property but it was not the one, got any others”

(None that you will see)..”Nope, now that I know she has you to help her, I’ll think I’ll step a side”.

“Smart move Mister, she’s with a pro now”

(Pro my ass)..”Nice shoes, Nice Suit, No Talent”


“Sorry, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems”


Exactly, You may look good but that don’t mean you have a clue….(nor know country songs)

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