GRESE Chapter 5

First things first; there is a suitcase in my hallway and a FedEx air bill attached to it which can only mean one thing!!!!!!

Yep it’s that time of year and the “MIL” is northward bound….oh happy days!

Chapter 5

After doing my job, I was out of homes to show and decided to take a break. I broke the news to the client and just to let her down easy, told her I would scheduled another day to continue the hunt.

She agreed and we went our separate ways.

Got back to the office and was just about to kick off my Flip flops when…………

The Call came in.

“Jav, I need to show your listing now”

Which one?

“The one that I’m sitting outside of”

(Great)…”how about a hint, got an address”

“The pretty one with the porch”

“Got it, tenant occupied and I have to call to schedule appointment”

“Please, my client loves it and they are only here for the day”

(Great planning there Mr Agent)  “OK, let me see what I can do, hang tight”….

I make the call to the tenant and She gives me the green light but also adds that she is home.

This is not good, as I know the tenant……and well………

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