GRESE Chapter 6

Diamonds are a Girls best friend……..and a Husbands worst enemy……as I found out today!

No sparkles for you my dear, I spent it on advertising!

Onward to Chapter 6

Tenant occupied, one of the most dreaded words in Real Estate. Having a tenant in one of your Sale listings is like having 10 kids in your home for a play date, everyday…..pure chaos. This particular tenant had other forms of causing chaos….

I knocked on the door and no answer, so my guess was that she had stepped out (she had, more on this in a bit). I asked the folks to give me a few to make sure all was good inside (it never was) and I let myself in.

What I expected was exactly what I got….ladies “dainties” all over the place.

Every time I showed the place, I spent the first few minutes picking up panties, bras and other assorted under garments, placing them in a hamper and hiding them under the bed. I had gotten so good at it that Victoria secrets had offered me a job.

I completed the task and gave thanks that at least she had not stayed for the showing.

I made my way around the home turning on lights and when I got to the sliders in back I noticed that my tenant had not left


was topless in the back yard catching some rays………

I promptly did what all red blooded Latin males do, (I looked) then politely called out to her to let her know that I was here with Clients.

She waved back, said OK and kept sunning….

Best showing I ever had.

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