GRESE Chapter 4

Sorry for not writing Chapter 4 sooner but I’ve been a little busy with my real job; Real Estate.

“What Jav, your not a writer?”

You have GOT to be kidding, have you read my stuff…..painful. Between the grammar, mis spelling and general ramblings, I’m lucky Blogger has not cancelled my account.

But as to Real Estate, I’m very good.

3 closings this week, #1 RE/MAX agent in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables last 8 years and number 2 in the State of Florida for October!

Take that!

Now where were we?

Oh yeah, Chapter 4

Tree lined street, access to bay and great curb appeal made this little jewel, special.
She needed some work but my “client” got everything she wanted. Charm, Cottage and Pool, maybe I was on my way to a quick kill….until….we stepped inside.

“The home is lovely” she gushed.

“Not so fast Doll, I need to see it first.”

“But look, it has a Sun Room, plenty of closets and the cottage is perfect”

I made my way around the home and started to get that funny feeling when something does not feel right (my panties were getting in a bunch) and it started in the Cottage.

“Smell that” I asked.

“No” she replied “and why are you walking funny?”

“Cotton instead of silk”


Laying down a Marble on the cottage floor, it began to run towards the back where the bathroom was located, I didn’t like the looks of this and commented “I don’t like the looks of this”

Made my way towards the front of home and I began to noticed cracks on doorways and windows.
Innocently I ask the Other agent “what’s the home made of”

With authority she replied “Concrete, I have an inspection report that states it”

“Sorry Kid, hate to burst your bubble but you have a frame home with septic issues, we’ll be leaving now”

“How do you know for sure?”

“I just do, It’s my job”

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