GRESE Chapter 3

First, Greatest Real Estate Story Ever is now titled “GRESE”.


Because I’m a really slow typer (which isn’t even a word).

Again why?

Look I grew up in the 70’s, when Dude’s did not type…we went to Shop class and built stuff, Girls went to Home EC….and burnt stuff…….ah the good old days….

Which leads me into Chapter 3!

I took a long sip and my “I’ll see what I can do” turned into” Let’s see what’s out there”.

“So sweetheart, what is it that I’m looking for?”

Her response was quick….a little too quick, “I don’t need a large place now that my husband is gone but I do want some charm” (poor sap; if he knew she just wanted charm, maybe he would not have been playing golf).

“OK” I replied, “lets look for charm, how about an Old Spanish with a guest cottage?”

“Oh yes! (again a little too quick and a little to excited), that would be perfect”

“Pool” I inquired

“Oh Yes!”…..

“OK doll, I’ve got just the place”

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