Greatest Real Estate Story Ever Chapter 2

First, Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and here is chapter 2!

Recap; A Dame, a tear and a story…..

I handed her my hankie and asked her “why the tears sweetheart?”

“My Husband” she replied. (It’s always the Husband).

“What about the louse?”

“He’s dead” (Oops my bad)

Looking interested I asked “So how did it go down?”

“Playing golf. He was fishing for golf balls when out of nowhere he was eaten by a Crocodile”

“You mean Alligator, we don’t have Crocodiles in Miami”

“We do now” was her response.

Not surprised by this new fact, I asked “I’m a Realtor, how do I fit in?”

“Now that I’m a widow, I need to find a new home; mines too big” (and with a loud sniff) she continued “and it’s on a golf course”

Reaching for my scotch and regretting my next move I said “OK, I’ll see what I can do”.

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