Gotta Love Free Speech…

Until it’s not…

So there was this Commission meeting a couple of weeks ago and short term rentals (AirBnB) was the main topic. I wrote a little comment about it but what was really fun to watch was what was said and by who.

In an effort to “plead” their case to the commissioners AirBnB got lots of legal, upstanding citizens to confessed to them that they were breaking the law.

Little unknown fact about “public” speaking….

When you get up and speak publicly on a topic you have to give your name, address for the record AND prior to speaking publicly, you also have to fill out a little piece of paper that states the same and on what topic you are speaking to and that you are not a Lobbyist (see below).

So, if you are willingly breaking a law….it may not be in your best interest to speak publicly (let a Lobbyist do it)

Another unknown little fact about “Serving” the public….

When one is sworn in to “serve” the public, one states that he/she will protect the US Constitution, State Statutes, Local Ordinances and Blah, Blah….

So when a “Public” official, serving the Public states and I quote “We are now on notice for people who did come here and notify us in public and challenge us in public, I will be duly bound to request our personnel to enforce the city code.”

Said public official was spot on and the Public was put on notice.

Can’t wait to see where this all ends but I am sure it will involve expensive Mouth Pieces…

The Public may or may not “Gotta Jav Miami”


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