Things Miami girls say and that I live in a really nice part of town….

Where I live we have the highest per capita of candidates for City of Miami District 2 Commission seat, old white “activist”, “dog” people, “drink” walkers, Real Estate agents (true) and EXOTIC wildlife.

Exotic as in Peafowl which are commonalty known as; “Oh look honey, how pretty the peacock’s are in this supposably nice neighborhood”.

True story.

When I ran for City of Miami Commissioner of this nice part of town, I knock on pretty much every door in town asking concerned residents (and probably some AirBnB tenants) what their biggest concern was and I kid you not it was not some earth shattering topic like Climate Change but Dog poop….as in “if you get rid of the dog poop I’ll vote for you” next big topic of my concerned residents?

You guessed it….Peacocks!

And to be more specific “if you get rid of the peacocks I’ll vote for you”

Now because I am special and what I really mean is that I am a bit obsessive about problem solving, I said “I’ll look into it”….and I did (I actually have a file)

Some fun facts about Peacocks:

They are Peafowl, they are native to India, they were introduced by local residents (who were apparently not concerned) and they have their own local ordinance…

Really, Peafowl’s are a protected class!

Where was I going with this?

Ever heard the saying “coming home to roost”?

Well when these “Immigrants” come home they make a LOT of F@#$%^& Noise!

Moral of the story (if there is one).

I did not get rid of the peafowls (nor the dog poop) and I lost the election!

Peafowls love “Gotta Jav Miami”


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