Mods vs Meds

And the winner is?

Since I spend half my time “splaining” things…….I decided to do a little Real Estate project for shits and giggles (yes I have issues).

What was the project you ask?

Answer the age old question “AHHH the White boxes are taking over”…..which is really not an age old question, just one of the many issues we in Coconut Grove lose sleep over…..Really.

So, I inventoried all of the “White Boxes” and what started the whole NCD thing….the dreaded Mediterranean Mc Mansions.

Drum roll please…….

Results for ALL of South Grove: (excludes Moorings cause they don’t allow people like me in)

Boxes pre 2005                  30                               

Boxes post 2005                44 

Meds 90’ to current        137 (with some in specific closed hoods, Poinciana, De Garmo)

Now on to Village West (West Grove to some) and here we do T3-R & T3-O (Grand Ave is N/S Line) and if you don’t know what T3’s are, you don’t deserve to read this….

T3-R Boxes

South; 4

North; 14 (some in planning stage)

 T3-O Boxes

South; 0

North; 27

T3-R Meds

South; 0

North; 1

T3-0 Meds……….look out

South; 0

North; 61


66 in 4 enclosed hoods for a grand total of 122

Disclaimer, I may have missed a few but not enough to make a difference in the fact we had a huge push in Meds over the past 20yrs and now we are seeing a “New” style pushing the zoning limits.

Stay tuned, we’ll have a lot more on this topic.

Boxes & Meds “GottaJavMiami”

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