Tri 3….Done!

So I was hoping to shave a few minutes from my previous time BUT whoever runs these events hate old people…

My group (all people over 50yrs old) usually starts around 7:25 am, today….7:50….which means….IT WAS HOT!!!!

And not in a good way.

I knew things would be dificult when during the swim portion the following happened.

I got kicked (1 & 4 & 6) swam over (3) and a full on “ass grab” to boot (2), so In an effort to avoid all of these I decided to “create” my own course and swim allover the place (5, 6, 7 & 8)…..

Sad part is there was some dude on a paddle board who at no time did he paddle over (They do a great job in protecting us from drowning, not so mush in “re directing”) and hit me on the head in an effort to get me back on course….instead he just laughed at me. (I deserved it)

After getting out of the water, I had helmet issues as in I could not put it on and after what I thought was a strong ride (again I was wrong), I got my tennies on and began the..

Bataan Death March!

3.1 miles in the woods… to pass the time, lots of time (34mins) I started whistling this tune….

Finished strong by running past some other old dude (pictures to prove it) and promptly had to hold back barfing on those nice people who give out “participant” medals.

Tri’s in August have no place in “GottaJavMiami”

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