BLOG WARS!!!!!!!!

As of late there has been a lot of talk in the Real Estate industry about “Blogging” to generate business.

They say; “write a Blog, generate business”

I say; “who is “They”

They say; “WE in the Real Estate business”

I say; “when was the last time you actually sold a home”

They say; “HUH”….(don’t know why but a lot of my conversations end with folks saying HUH)

One of the great things about the Interwebs is that anyone can write a blog (even me) but it’s starting to get a little crowded in the clouds.

I’ve been writing mine for quite sometime (since 08′) and when I first started I knew that I wanted to describe what I did in this Gig called “Real Estate” in an entertaining, unconventional way; something that would reflect my personality and get my message out.

(It’s funny but everyone at the time said that you can’t write it “that way”, you have to write it “this way” but by now if you have not figured out that I really don’t care what “they say”…..)

So I write about all the crazy, funny and unique things that can only happen in this Gig, from Santeros in a foreclosure, Drunks in rental, Dogs on the loose , Sex and Train wrecks to just let you know that when you “guess” my paycheck, you also say “you have to be out of your freaking mind to do this job!”

OK where was I?

Oh yeah Blogging…

Dear fellow Realtors at least try and be original with your “Blogs”, some of the stuff you are doing to “generate business” has long been done….and way better.

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