A "Short Sale" Novella..

Chapter 1; “The Beginning”

The sun was shining bright on a blistering AUGUST afternoon; when I thought it could not get any hotter, I got the call and in a breathless sexy voice I heard:

“Jav, I need you to Short Sale my home ASAP”, she went on to explain the reasons why she found herself in this position and at the end of her emotional story, I replied; “Of course I’ll help (I have a soft spot for damsel’s in distress).

We gather all the paperwork needed, uploaded it into the LENDERS ONLINE PROGRAM and listed the property in the MLS.

Within a couple of days we had Multiple offers and the property sold 10K over list price.
We presented the final offer to lender for approval and that’s when this story gets interesting……..

To be continued

PS; make sure to follow the BOLD CAP’s.

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