Back to Pants…..

You might not know this but this whole casual, relaxed, stressfree thing that I have going on cost some serious dough.

It’s not like I just wake up put on some hand me down shorts and shirts and away I go….my Wife works for Saks for gods sakes!

Which brings me to my new “summer” collection (as she likes to call it). The other day she shows up with all sorts of new styles/colors of shorts and shirts for me to wear (none in Black BTW…long story).

OK off on a Rant I go….


Why do you not carry Black shorts?

Really, It’s been over 5 years since you have carry normal, old dude black shorts. I don’t need all sorts of hip, young folk shorts in funky colors with pockets all over the place….I just want a simple Black short that I can accessorize with a simple white tee shirt.

Javier Gonzalez
(Husband of Ana Tris, Sr General Merchandise Manager Saks Fifth Ave)

Ok where was I?

Summer collection.

Which includes a pair of shorts WITH THREE, yes TRES (3) buttons/latches!

What is it with designers that they are not just happy with a zipper and one button?

I wore these shorts the other day and it took me like 5 minutes to try and pee…..seriously, I’m old and when I need to go, I don’t need to try and figure out A Zipper, A Latch, A button AND A Drawstrings…plus I can’t see very well.

How does this relate to Real Estate?

If I’m late to an appointment, now you know why!

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