The Show must go on…

Unlike those fraidy cat Realtors who cancelled their opens due to a little bad weather (ok, so your smarter than me), we don’t let 25hr winds and alot of yellow and red blobs on the radar deter us from our job as Realtors!

WE ARE OPEN this afternoon……but with out balloons, I think they died.

Got to the office to pick them up and they were just laying around on the floor looking all sad.

One of them said “please don’t take us out in the rain, you know we’ll just fall to the floor”.

Which is true, not really balloons can’t talk…..they wheeze and whoosh.

True story, yesterday we held an open and had the balloons in the car and they were like a little puppies all bouncing around and happy.

Took them out and attached them to the Open House signs (because we are cheesy Realtors) and the immediately when all sad and limp and fell to the floor.

After the open, picked them up off the floor put them back in the car and you guessed it….all happy and bouncing around again.

Just figured out why the Realtor’s Association stopped giving out balloons…….they are afraid of the weather.

Here’s where we will be today:

5480 Hammock Dr from 2-4pm

3625 Solana Rd from 3-5pm

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