That’s what they call it on the other side of the pond and I just completed 2 weeks of it…..

Get ready kids, lots to write about (some may even be related to Real Estate), so let’s get right to it.

Tropical Storm Alberto!

If you read this Blog (send me the medical bill), by now you know that I can cause certain Natural disasters and as soon as I announced that I would be leaving town for Holiday, mother nature said “Cool, let’s get an early start on Hurricane season”

I heard there was a little rain and wind a couple of weeks ago, I’m sorry Doral (you know I love you) but I told you not to build in the Everglades.

The Good news?

Next Holiday scheduled for October.

The Bad news?

Remember Wilma?

I was in The Northwest Coast starting 10/20/2005….sorry.

Next up

1900 miles, stay tuned……

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