And Another….

Over qualified person decides that Real Estate is not for them.

My new Admin (who was very good BTW) decided after a couple of weeks of seeing what we do every day, that….and I quote “you have to be f@#$%^& crazy to do this!”

And with that, she kissed me good bye and walked out the door never to be seen again…….well not really, like the hair club for men slogan…..she is also Client, so she keeps coming back.

She will also be staring in my next blog post titled “Train Wreck” and how I love them.

What now you ask? No, really ask?

I got down on my knees and begged Monica to do double duty, which prompted this reply “my chitlin is off for summer vacation and I cannot come in during the summer”.

What 2 year kids can’t take of themselves?

I remember when I was little I had to walk to school uphill in the snow both ways……….

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