Train Wrecks!

Oh and how I love them!

What’s a train wreck in my Gig you ask?

Well it involves several deals tied into one particular person (engine) where no one gets hurt (psychically).

This is a true story currently under production.

We have a Listing in Kendall and a Buyer sees it at a Sunday open house.
Buyer makes offer with us; we now have Buyer/Seller….oh how fun!

After offer, I find out that the Buyer is related to ANOTHER Buyer of mine looking in the Gables.

In the meantime, I have another Buyer making an offer on a home in another part of town.
Offer is accepted and The Seller hires me as their Buyers rep.

With me so far?

Ex Seller/ New Buyer likes a home in Pinecrest (yes I get around) and we are in the process of making an offer on that home.

So where you going with this Jav?

Well the Seller of the Pinecrest Home likes……you guessed it, my listing in Kendall.

I can already see the wheels coming off the tracks.

Oh and the Buyers in the Gables, what about them?

Some how I’m guessing they’ll love a home in the Grove that I will be Listing and the whole story starts all over again…………..God I love this GIG!

Oh and if you are keeping score….3 Sellers and 4 Buyers all in the same deal.

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