Over qualified person has joined our team; welcome Marili as our new Admin/closing coordinator.

After helping her buy (or not) a home, she was so impressed (or surprised that anyone can do this job) that she asked if I had an opening available….and lo behold I did.

I had been looking to add a position for quite sometime and it just felt right to make the move; so welcome Ms. New Admin, feel free to take over the office…..and all 4 Capricorns in it.

Now what happened to my previous over qualified Admin you may ask?

Monica is still very much with us but has gone over/back to the dark side and will be in charge of business development (She made up the title) and I have no idea what she will be doing.

I did hear say something about “getting us Out There” so I’m a bit nervous as to what she intends to do to get us “Out There”.

So as the number 1 Remax Agents in Miami Dade (non distressed of course); look for us….”Out There“, …Somewhere…..Everywhere!

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