All quiet ..

On the Eastern front.

So after a nice media “hype” job, we did not go underwater this weekend.

As a matter of fact, it was a typical Mee-am-mi weekend; HOT as hell with the humidity at about Wet.

But we did get to see our local weather media in action.

Went down to SoBe for the daily “Psycho Run” and there they were; 2 news vans, satellite towers a flying, news folks interviewing tourist and taking pictures of this lonely swaying palm.

I love it when they interview Tourist from far away places like Hialeah and ask them for a reaction.

News Person; “so, what did you think about Bonnie”

Hialeah Person; ‘Que”

NP; “Bonnie, the storm”

HP; Quien?


HP; “oh si Bunny, mi like them, son muy suave”

NP; ” there you have it; back to you at the station”

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