Here we go again….

If it’s August, (and it is) it must be ” Oh Shit, there’s another one out there”.

You may thank me for this one, as I do not want Ana to travel to New York without me.


Since I have decided to Run like a psycho for a zillion days in a row, I cannot accompany my wife on a little work trip to the big apple.

Every time she goes it’s great, she works and I…………….Don’t.

Pretty good deal if you ask me.

She’s not to thrilled to be going on her own, so she asked me what I could do about it.

Went something like this;

Ana; “why are you not going?”

Me; “I have to run”

A; “No you don’t”

M; “yes I do, I committed”

A; “NO, you should be COMMITTED”

M; “huh?”

A; “well what are you going to do about it?”

M; “How about a Hurricane?”

A; “OK but not too close”

M; “Done”

So here you go folks, TD 4 soon to become Hurricane Colin…

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