Wet, Wild & Crazy…

and not in a good way.

The WET;
We are in the mist….get it “Mist” of an over rated rain storm.

Now in defense of the rain storm, the track that it was on a couple of days ago is the scary track if you are a long time resident of Mee-am -mi.

These little guys that start that low, that late will be the ones that put an end to Brickell as we know it.

I’m still running; finished day 23 yesterday and took Riley with me (trying to “off” the competition, did not work………good job “Coconut”.) and yes I will be out on the beach at 5:30 today to give it a go….Riley will not be there (he knows better and he’s probably counting on the weather to “off” me).

All the “Mini’s” are here working.
While all the other Realtors are hiding from the “Mist” we are all here and ready to Real Estate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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