349 and counting………

No it’s not how many deals I have; It’s how many @#$%^& MOSQUITO’S I have KILLED in the last couple of days.

These little @#$%^& have been all over me the last couple of days.

They wait for me every morning at my front door like mini Jehovah’s witnesses but with more determination.

They never retreat, they follow me to my car, get in my car, buzz around and then I spend 10 minutes swatting, clapping and other wise looking like a crazed maniac trying to smash the little bastards.

PETA my ass, these little blood sucking #$%^ deserve to DIE!

“Oh no let them live, they serve a purpose” they say, the only @#$%^&* purpose they serve is Lizard food…….and keep our beaches tourist free.

I don’t care how much DEET you use, these little bastards don’t care, they drink DEET like it was Red Bull, and forget using skin so soft….that’s just gay….but you will smell nice.

This is why every summer, smart (read rich) people get the hell out of here it’s because of these little critters (also Hurricanes, but that’s for another day) and I cannot blame them.

BTW; that’s why in the old days, we never sold Real Estate to Yankee’s in the Summer…oh yeah and because of those nasty little windstorms……..

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