Zoom, Zoom!

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful and I had some late showings………so I busted out the “El Bello”, better known as my scooter.

So I’m cruising down Bayshore Dr in the Grove when out of nowhere (not really, just Mary St) another Scooter cuts me off.

Well this being Miami, I did what every self respecting Miamiam would do……..I hit the breaks!

Then we started jocking for position at the light and for a moment there was engine revving, intimidating stares and laughter from inside all the cars.

Yep, this was going down….

Down as in a Scooter drag race.

Light changed and away we went, speeding at 17 MPH…

Lasted about 5 seconds, as my challenger noticing my 150cc’s under my butt gave up and made a left hand turn (again not really, he was going to the bank).

Feeling victorious, I confidently went to my showings and got the sale.

That’s how we roll in the 305!

How lame………….

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