Woof part 2…or Woof, Woof.

Forgot to mention the Dog closing; Seller brings Dogs to closing to prove they had been vaccinated.
Here in the great state of Miami, we lien your property if you do not vaccinate your pets.

Now in true Miami fashion; only the responsible pet owners get penalized.

All of the other pet owners who NEVER vaccinate, or take their pets to the Vet get away with not being chased by the “Pet Patrol”.

It’s a great racket that involves; Vets, Real Estate and those creepy people that work at Animal Control.

How do I know so much about this; Funny you should ask?

Years ago I was also threaten by said Animal Control for not vaccinating Stout on time; to the tune of 300 bucks.
I went to argue my point which was “Dude I vaccinated Stout, here’s the receipt, why the 300bucks”

Creepy Dudes reply “because you were late”
My reply “better late then never”
Creepy Dude “I don’t care”
My reply “you should work for a credit card company”
Creepy Dude “Huh?”

My final comment to Creepy Dude was “so, if I never would have taken Stout to the Vet in the first place you would have never known this?”

Creepy Dudes reply………Blank stare.

Moral of the Story;
You are better off having your pet as an “illegal”, hell they can’t vote anyways………….oh silly me this is Miami.

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