May comes to an end………

Ended May with a great closing.

Young couple bought a home from the original owners and it was a pleasure watching the parties interact at the closing.

Stories were told;
How one family member had done all of the iron work.
How the kids had played in the garden with friends.
Which neighbors had come and gone.
What the current owners planned to do with the home to add their personal touches.

In short this home has a history, it’s why I do what I do.

The last couple of years, residential Real estate lost it’s core meaning; folks started to look at it as how much can I make instead of how much can I live.

I have said it before and will say it again, homes are not investments that will make you rich financially, they will make you rich personally.

This Blog will be about life stories involving Real Estate; it will not be about statistic’s, trends, or market analysis (there are plenty of places to find all of that information).

But read the stories; there are Real Estate lessons in each one…..or at least I hope there is.

On to June!!!!!!!!

(did I mention CASH is back?)

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