What is it…..

With Realtor’s and “Time”?

Yesterday I had one that was “just around the corner” and 45 minutes later, “she was almost here” and…..I left.

But in the meantime I was having this lovely email exchange

Hi Javier,

My clients are very interested in viewing this property. Are you available to show either tomorrow or Wednesday? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Some Realtor

My reply:
Pick a time date and I’ll make it happen.

Some Realtor reply:

Thank you for the quick response. It looks like Wednesday might be best. I will let you know when I have more of a confirmed time and date.

My Reply:

Some Realtor Reply:

So its is going to be Wednesday. I will confirm a time soon. Do you have a preference? 
My Reply:

Not during brokers opens 
Some Realtor reply:

So then what time Wednesday is best for you? 
My Reply:

How about morning, pick a time.
Some Realtor Reply:

3:30 PM Wednesday? Please confirm.
Lets recap;
Customer interested (Monday),
I give them an open schedule,
They ask for Wednesday…sort of and ask me MY preference
I say “not during Brokers Opens” which any Realtor knows is between 12:30-2:30
They ask what works best for me again (boy these folks are really nice)
I say Morning….
They ask for 3:30…..or “We can also do 12:30 PM on Thursday. Please confirm”
Sad part is…This is very common in our gig….read on

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