Too Hip for my own good…

For any one who has been following my fabulous “OCR Racing” career…..first you need something better to do BUT if you must we have sad news.

After years AND I mean “mucho anos” of complaining about IT Bands and all sorts of other leg pains that I could never shake I decided to go to the doctor (same one who said I was old) and have him take a look at me. I went in and started by saying that my knee was hurting and felt that he should take a look at it and see if I had blown a ligament.

Now I KNEW it was my knee because I had read an article on WEB MD and since the interwebs never lie ( just like Zillow, Trulia and all those other Real Estate sites you all go look at and “self diagnose” the Market), I was confident that he would tell I had something simple like runners knee and give me a shot…..Yeah, NO.

With a quick examination and I mean quick, he stated “Let’s look at your hip” which was not what I wanted to hear (JUST like all of you who come to me with all sorts of Zillow, Trulia crap and than get the real news) which was….

“So when do you want to do your hip surgery?”

I smiled, said I would think about it and get back to him soon.

Why the delay?

Because I am a smart consumer and wanted a second opinion (just like all you folks who want to believe Zillow, Trulia…well you get my drift) Plus I have a Tri sprint next Sunday and I am going to compete hip or no hip!



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