A “Hip” Second opinion….

This post has a great backstory and it goes back about 6 years.

I was showing one of my listings to a nice young couple who I had just met and in true Javi fashion I had just finished a run and was limping around the home. After a bit, Dude looks at me and said “What’s wrong with your leg” and I go into the whole Marathon, Raven, OCR race stories.

He smiled and said “Mine if I take a look” and I say sure. (Mind you I just met this dude…but I’m easy). He ask me to sit on a step, grabs my leg, moves it around and says ” you should have someone look at your hip”

I said “makes sense, know anyone?” and we ALL know the answer…

“Yup, I’m a Hip doctor”

Fast forward 6 years….

Hip Doctor is my neighbor (I sold him his home) and I call him with my results of the previous day. In a calm, cool voice (he is a doctor) he says “Bring me your XRay”, let me take a look. So I limp on over and give him the pictures (that’s how they say it) and he goes upstairs (I think for dramatic effect) and comes back down the stairs and announces with that cool, calm voice…

You all know what he is going to say…

“So WHEN do you want to do your Hip surgery”

Third opinion???

Nope, just as I was starting to get all depressed he chimes in…”you know there is a new procedure and it may help you”. He goes on to explain the procedure and how its a FDA trial (Monovic) and that I should give it a “shot”…because its a shot.

A ray of hope….4 days to Tri Sprint…

Still a BAD IDEA.

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