The sex story………..

This is for adults only as it involves alternative lifestyle relations.

Gotcha reading don’t I…………………

Showing a property with a wee bit of a lassie in the home and the potential Buyer also has a wee bit of a lassie with them.

What I mean by “wee bit” is those dogs that always are “looking up” because they are so small you might step on them. (they have chronic neck pain)

Well Lassie 1 and Lassie 2 (except it’s Lass & Lass) in classic doggie fashion get acquainted in you know how doggies get acquainted.

Well apparently they REALLY liked each other and… can I say this????

Let’s fast forward to the cigarettes and one of them sleeping contently…if you know what I mean.

Claiming his undying love and gratitude, Lassie 2 left his mark on the home/carpet.

Buyer and Lassie 2 come back for second visit and you guess it Lassie 1 has run off with another Beau.

And you can also guess; that “Hell have no wrath like a lover’s scorn” I did not sell the home……………

I think that they (Fido’s, Lassie’s) are out to get me!!!

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