Canine story’s continued….

Dog Herder Story:
Finished showing a property and heading back to office when I notice a BIG dog that looks familiar hauling ass across one of the busiest streets in the area.

Fido cuts through traffic heading WEST doing about 40 mph’s and misses doggie heaven by this much.

I being the thoughtful Realtor (and not wanting to lose another listing) also head WEST doing a modest 5 mph’s and call out to Fido to get in car…..not under car.

What does Fido do?

He @#$%^& starts heading EAST at about 50 mph’s and you guess it back through traffic missing doggie heaven again (nine lives?).

I cross said street avoiding “Javi” heaven and catch up to Fido in more casual surroundings and begin to “herd” him towards his place of residence.

Once home Fido promptly walks through gate and opens the front door…….

Could this be a prelude to “CANINE CSI“…….you betch ya.

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