Terrorist Alert!!!!

So here I am minding my own business when this appears on my email.

Satisfied: 040, 090, 0235, 29a, 14, 31, p459, 24, t138.
Added: 30D as selling agent Javier Gonzalez name appears on LDP/GSA list. Need copy of DL to get date of birth and clear ldp/gsa.

I promptly have a Sarah Palin “WTF” moment.

After further review, I realize what LDP/GSA is and say….WTF.

Ok, I know I now have one of the most common Spanish name’s; outside of my Dad’s “Jose”..


True story;
When I was growing up there were very few “Oye’s” in the hood; yes I know you don’t believe me but it’s true…..there was also nothing west of SR 826 except Everglades.

I actually met my first other Javier in 10th grade at Gables High.

Now there are “Javier’s” everywhere I turn and apparently one has decided to join a Basque terrorist group, forcing me to check in at every airport in the world…This blows BTW.

Now where was I….

The above Hieroglyphs were conditions put on an FHA loan that one of my customers is getting.
This is what Loan approvals are coming to……Seriously?

Couple years ago they would lend to a dead person!

I’m changing my name…..To Javier Rodriquez!

BTW; that is also one of my favorite jokes.

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