Nokia RIP…..

After many years of service and more recently, verbal abuse, I finally had to breakdown and purchase a new phone (the scotch tape/paper clip could do no more)

It was a sad moment as this particular phone had been with me for many years and had endured many “unlimited” minutes…..and when I mean many; Like 20% of my awake time (did a study).

So, I went to see my “Russian” connection and had them unlock my 2 old Blackberry’s and I can now say that I am in the 21st century…sort of.

Why “Unlock” you ask?

Cause I’ve had my Cell since way back when only “International Investors” used them and I have a Special SIM card.

Special as in they don’t make them any more; every time I try and upgrade the dude on the other side of the line calls me an idiot for trying to upgrade my “Special” plan.

Well I guess that as long as my Russians are in business I will continue with my “Special” phone.

Hey, at least I can now see text messages.

BTW; I also have a Bat phone (another story, for another day).

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