Super Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we were working our listings because we are great Realtors; NO, it’s because the game starts…….whenever.

Remember this game is being played in Miami; where time is just a vague suggestion.

As in “the wedding will start at 6pm”; which we all know means maybe 7pm, maybe next week.

True story;
Went to a Episcopalian wedding which started at 5pm and being semi “oyes” we got there at 5pm and where present for a beautiful ceremony which ended…and I’m not making this up (sorry Dave) “hey where’s the Bud?”

We are in the parking lot getting in the car when some REAL OYE’S showed up,
And asked “which way to the ceremony?”
And we said “it’s over”
And they said “buts it’s 5:30”
And we said “yeah it was at 5pm”
And they said “what, the invitation said 5pm”
And we said “yeah, 5pm”
And they said “??????”

What I’m trying to say is that when you get an appointment in Miami and they say “I’ll be there at “3” make sure you get the DATE!!!!!!!!!
There are several times in a week when it’s “3”…………….

So I’m sitting here having a drink and waiting for the commercials to start.

Colts over Saints in a snoozer…..

And where the hell is “Sunlife” stadium???

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