OK I Get It………..

I’m starting to see “Mr. Smith’s” master plan to get rid of me…..and there is an accomplice!!!

So yesterday he asked me to run but comes up with some lame excuse (it involves some foreign nationals) that he can not start until later in the day….which means a “Night” run.

Now I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but when I run over to his pad I have to cross a couple of major thoroughfares which are pretty scary at rush hour.

He was gleefully waiting for me and off we went, again he kept me entertained with his thorough knowledge of “what’s going on in the Grove “and before I knew it it was……DARK.

I became worried but nothing happen, he was his same self…there were no “casual elbows” to the ribs, no “hey watch that curb” or “gentle nudges” into on coming traffic.

Nope all good………….

Until the end, when it all became crystal clear!!!!!!!!!!

As we neared his pad, he innocently invites me to see his garden and as we walked in who was there to greet me?

His assistant (accomplice) and after some small talk, they both bid me goodnight and wished me well.

True story;

Yesterday , I leave his place and there is some dude walking his 2 dog’s and he has one of those miners lights on his head and what looks like a traffic light on his butt….this guy could land a plane on that street.

He’s worried that he’s going to get hit on a really small street, what about me?

Now remember that to get to “Mr Smith’s” pad I have to risk my life crossing some really busy streets?

Well try this during rush hour in the DARK!!!!!!!

So his plan was to run me to death, get an alibi and then for me to become some “texting psycho snowboarders” hood ornament!!!!!!!!!

I get it now….I’m going back to the beach.

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