So Doc…

What do you think?

First some history.

A couple of weeks back I was at a property that I had leased to a nice young couple and we were doing a pre move in walkthru (this is when we make sure all the stuff that was promised in the lease is there/done) and as I was doing my thing the Tenant noticed that I was limping.

He asked me what was wrong and I explained that I was training for the Marathon and was adding miles and my hip hurt like hell and so forth when he said “you know I’m an Orthopedic Surgeon” and I said “yeah, and I’m a Realtor” (we’re a bit touchy on the collage thing)……not really.

I said “Cool, can you tell me what the hell is wrong with me?”

He gave me a quick look, asked if I had insurance (not really again, I kid cause I love) and said that I should go see him.

Which brings us to today;

After a thorough examination; which included several offical looking X-ray’s, my Collage Graduated Orthopedic Surgeon proclaimed “Jav, I have no clue what the hell is wrong with you”

(You ain’t the only one who thinks that)

So, I now have an MRI in my near future.

This turning 50 blows!

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