Picture this……

“Hi, Ana this is officer so and so and I have your Husband……..”

That’s how the phone call started yesterday morning, when after 8 miles into a 12 mile run I blew up or should I say my leg gave out and I had to stop running.

Riley and I had made it over the Key Biscayne Bridge and were heading back over same bridge when he noticed a faint whimpering coming from his running partner; he looked over to see me limping along.

We got to Alice Wainwright Park and I told him I could not run any further and we needed to call for pick up.

Well if you are familiar with this park (which sits on Biscayne Bay) it tends to be a bit on the seedy side (which is why we love it) and between the Hoop Rats, the homeless dudes BBQing and hipsters hanging out phone choices are limited BUT there is always a police office in the area and today was no different.

I limped up to said officer and asked if she would call my wife or at least I think I said that….

I actually said “Hi, could you call someone for me” which got a raised eyebrow from her as by the way I  looked and sounded she probably thought I had been shot (which if I was a Horse, I would have been!)

I quickly regrouped and explain my situation and she made the call.

Fortunately Ana has a strong heart and was close by to pick us up.

Oh, did I mention we had a little surprise party planned?

Real Estate post? You’ll see in a bit.

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