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Title is for Liz; your Neighbor needs one also.

Hate to say I told you so (not really I love it) but today someone smarter then I writes about my home investment rant.
A direct quote “Until recently, homes were stable, unspectacular investments, not get-rich-quick schemes.”

I have always said that your home is NOT an investment vehicle , it is where you raise a family, share moments with friends and in short live this thing we call life.
Every time that I met a new customer that asked how much they would “profit” from they re purchase I told them My own cautionary tale; it goes like this:

When Ana and I purchased our home in the bad old days of 1992 (BTW; our closing date was hurricane Andrew) we set the price in our street in Coconut Grove at 167,000.

From 92′-99′ we saw very little increase in monetary value; but we shared many great moments.

Then a law changed and all hell broke loose and we saw monetary values fly (we still were having great moments).

Now we are back to 99′ and just had a great Thanksgiving, put up a Christmas tree, in short still living this thing called life.

Enjoy your home, if you want/need to sell be realistic as to its monetary value; the moments are priceless.

As to the Teva dilemma, someone has recommended a survey; any ideas?

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