3 for 3

As long as I live in this great town, I’ll never be short on material.

News today is that the Foreclosure rates are back to pre June levels with all hell breaking loose in January.

Some thoughts on this “Crisis” and the 1-10 are in trouble.
You here this a lot, 1 in 10 and you think to yourself, Holy Shit this is not good, but what they do not elaborate or enhance is that about 30% of all homes in the States do not have a Mortgage.

So quick math, 65 mil homes in US, (19.5 mil no mortgage) 45.5 mil with mortgage.

1-10=4.55 mil or 14% total with most in 3 states….our lovely state being one of them.

A big chunk of that is bad investments (if you know me, you know how I hate that home investment word).

We’re in a mess but not all is lost; I found some Black Flip flops…………………
Food for thought.

BTW; sports analogy; statistics are for losers.

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