Post Election

I want to thank all that participated yesterday in our voting process (we should never take it for granted) and because of you I was able to gain a seat at the Cocoanut Grove Village Council.

As I mentioned in my intro, I will bring the same energy and problem solving skills that I employ in my Real Estate practice. I look forward to meeting more of you in the days to come and hope to be an accessible/active council member (I’m not shy)…..

As to the Grove Waterfront:

While it passed with 60% yes in the City, The Grove voted the reverse with our precincts voting 60% No. This should not be discounted by City commissioner’s nor should it be discounted by the developer of the project.

As a council member, I will do my best to ensure that our residents voice is represented on this issue.

Thank you for all the support, kind words and I look forward to challenges that lay ahead.

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