I Apologize…………

For the all the Rain but by now you should know that…

Aside from being a wonderful Realtor, I also control the weather in Coconut Grove.

Andrew? (Me)
05′ Hurricanes? (Me)
Summer droughts? (Me)
Winter Rains? (Me)
The Cardboard crash of 1998? (Me and a long funny story)
The Cardboard rush of 1998? (yup, Me again)

So here is what to expect in the coming days, forget accuweather!

I’m building a terrace at my home and chose the drier season (after Nov 1) to start the job. With permits in hand, we started and all looked good until we got to the actual building of it.

Each time we have poured concrete (pads, columns, pavers) it rained.

I could only imagine what would happen when we were ready to attach roof decking….

Well that was yesterday and as soon as we got the decking at the house…..”cats, dogs, alligators, you name it” came down all night. Oh and did I mention that we had made a final concrete pour?

BTW; torrential rains make for easy going CGVC meetings..(had one last night)

The good news?

There is a drought that will soon descend upon us as I have also decided to landscape my front yard and yesterday I moved 6 areca’s that need water for a month and on Tuesday we will be laying new sod…..

Sunny, cool days to follow…….you are welcome!

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